About Us

Expert Eye Care

Norwest Eye Clinic has been established to deliver the highest quality eye care leading to the best visual outcomes for each and every patient.

We value our patients and utilise state of the art diagnostic imaging and treatment facilities. Our doctors specialise in diverse areas of Ophthalmology, and we aim to deliver premium eye care in a caring and timely manner.

Conveniently located in the heart of The Hills District, we strive to be the eye care practice of choice for patients of all backgrounds and ages.

Our Values & Principles

  • Provide an excellent standard care, advice, education and mutual respect to all our patients and referrers

  • Be the eye care practice of choice for patients of all backgrounds and ages

  • Make our services available in a suitable manner to medical and surgical patients requiring our expertise

  • Be sensitive to individual needs of our patients emotionally and financially

  • Respect the right to personal privacy within each individual treatment plan

  • Above all, we desire to practice in a positive, uplifting and rewarding work environment for all

For Patients


To see one of our surgeons you will need a referral.
Please visit your local General Practitioner or Optometrist. Once you have the referral please get in touch with us to book your appointment.

For Referrers


Thank you kindly for your referral.
Please provide your patient with a written referral or send an electronic referral to us via our web form. Please contact us for details.

Send A Letter


Alternatively you can send a letter (via mail or fax). Please include the reason for the referral and results of any diagnostic testing that was performed. A list of current medications and pertinent medical history is also useful if known.