Epiretinal Membrane

What is a Epiretinal Membrane?

An epiretinal membrane (or macular pucker) is an abnormal wrinkling of the retina that overlies the macula.  Scar tissue can grow on the surface of the retina, directly over the macula.  This scar tissue contracts and causes the retina to wrinkle.

Symptoms of Epiretinal Membrane

  • mild to severe central vision loss
  • central vision distortion
  • double vision
  • straight lines start to appear wavy
  • trouble reading small print or recognising faces

Treatment options for Epiretinal Membrane

Not all cases need treatment, and early asymptomatic cases can just be monitored by an ophthalmologist. The only treatment for severe cases which is causing visual loss is vitrectomy surgery to remove the membrane.



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